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Deilige Norge!

I spent about 2 weeks in Norway; Oslo to be specific. It has been about 1 year since the last time I was home and I’ve sure missed it!! The nature, the chocolate, the bread, the shopping. Ahhh, everything about Norway just screams “Dream World” (except for maybe the outrageous prices?…)

I was lucky enough to be home for the 17th of May (Syttende Mai) this time, I haven’t been home for that in the last 6 years! Much too long of you ask me, the 17th of May is my favorite day in Norway. It’s a folk fest like no other. Millions of people in Bunad (national costume in Norway), ice cream and pølse i lompe (wiener dogs in a type of lefse), Solo (the most delicious soda you will ever taste), the childrens parade, the Royal family waiving to you for hours from their Royal balcony. Rain, snow or sun, this day is 100% bliss!

If you want to learn more about the significance of this day in Norwegian history, you can read about it in a previous blog post here: Gratulerer Med Dagen!



We went for a lot of walks in Oslo. A LOT! It just always seems to be what we end up doing over there because there is so much beauty everywhere we go, and I don’t want to miss out on a second of it! These pictures are from a few of those walks.

You can’t say you’ve fully experienced Oslo until you’ve walk down Karl Johan’s Street from the Central Station to the Royal Castle. The streets are made with cobblestones, there are shops, street musicians and performers as far as the eye can see. And when you get to the top of Karl Johans Street you get a perfect view of the Norwegian Royal Palace; the home of the Royal family.


Just like Karl Johan’s Gate, another essential part of experiencing Oslo is Aker Brygge, the harbor in Oslo. The first picture below is from Aker Brygge, it’s a statue in the water of a person on stilts, and I think it is such a cool statue! With the background of the beautiful buildings in different shapes and colors; Aker Brygge is shaping up to be one of the most artistic places in oslo I think. And they have great dining too! But pricey I might add…


It was hard saying good bye to the Motherland, and a part of me wishes I was still there… But I will be going back for Christmas ~ let let me tell ya, there’s nothing like a Norwegian Christmas!

So until we meet again, Norway!