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The Wonders of Cape Cod!

Hi fellow travelers!

Victoria here, ready to share my latest travels!

I came back from a WONDERFUL trip to Cape Cod in Massachusetts just two short days ago, and I am still day dreaming about being back there. It was like stepping off the plane and in to a brand new country. The houses are cottage-like and beautiful, the Atlantic Ocean was right by our front door allowing us to wake up to the delicious smell of the sea breeze whilst enjoying a morning coffee listening to the birds fly by.

Top 3 To-Do’s that I will be highlighting in this blog are:

1. “Beach” Hopping

2. Surfing

3. Kite Surfing


We lived two different places in Cape Cod; Dennisport and Truro. However, we explored lots of other towns during our stay! We went to Wellfleet, Provincetown, Chatham, Chapin, to mention a few.. The different beaches we visited were Chapin Memorial Beach, Marconi Beach (GREAT surfing), Corn Hill Beach, Chatham Beach, Dennis Beach, and many many more! There are two type of beaches in Cape Cod; the Ocean side and the Bay side. We discovered both! :-)

This picture below is from Chapin Memorial Beach after the low tide hit and we decided to do some gymnastics in the sun. Would you believe it if I told you this picture was taken about 150 yards from the shore line? That’s how low the tide was!!


If you like surfing Cape Cod is a great place to be, for both beginners and advanced surfers! I, myself, is not exactly what you would have called an advanced surfer… During my 2 hour lesson I was able to stand up once! But boy was it fun 😀

We went surfing on Marconi beach and got a basic surfing lesson from a professional, we learned how to properly lay on the board, paddle correctly with the wave, and how to properly arch and stand up at the right time in the wave. It was a little scary because it feels like you go heads first in to the water, but it was tons of fun as well. I HIGHLY recommend this if you crave an adventurous vacation out of the ordinary!













My sister was a little frightened heading out in the waves for the first time…..

Before we dove out in the waves, we walked past a warning sign. Cape Cod is the territory of the Great White Shark, and we were warned not to swim by the seals as they can attract the Great White. However, while we were surfing we suddenly got surrounded by approximately 15- 20 seals! And what we thought was a shark fin! But it turned out it was just a seal laying upside down in the water… Gave us a bit of a fright! 😉  Take a look at the sign. Would you still go in the water?

And last but not least… If you like to have fun, be adventurous, not afraid of getting a little wet or trying new things when you travel, then kite-surfing would be right up your ally! It requires some muscle and balance, and it’s a lot harder than it looks, but it is FUN! And if you haven’t done it before, it is definitely worth trying :-)









Another thing that wasn’t on my personal list as I am not a golfer, but I know is very popular in Cape Cod, is of course; Golf. According to my mother the golfing there is phenomenal. A little crowded as it is such a popular vacation activity, but a great time nonetheless! And the view is fantastic, who wouldn’t want to golf along the view of the Atlantic?


So… How about it? Will Cape Cop be your next in-land vacation?

Give us a call if you have any questions about it! 701.492.5000 :-)


~ Victoria