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Could This Be Love?

Jamaica……what an amazing adventure!

I was able to spend 6 days in Jamaica in March/April and WOW.  Is it time to go back?? From the sun to the sand, everything was warm, friendly, and FUN!

We were able to go to Ocho Rios, Jamaica which was very active!   While we were there we did ziplining, rode a bobsled, and a what we like to call “ski lift” up and over the trees!  We also climbed Dunn’s River Falls and took a catamaran cruise.  Oh.. and can’t forget to mention the continuous listening to Bob Marley!

There were multiple pools at our resort.. this was one of the main ones.  Lots of time spent here lounging around and soaking up the sun!





My favorite spot was of course on the beach..  We could watch all the boats on the ocean, go swimming around for fish, and of course just enjoy the sound of the waves!

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